Powerful light at night or in surrounding darkness

Including LED notification

Flash Blink intimates you about any incoming notifications on your android device by triggering the flash light LED present behind the screen of your device.
So now you can get notifications through camera flashlight! It includes for the following:

  1. Incoming calls
  2. SMS
  3. Alarm
  4. Third Party Applications
You can also use the application as a torch, includes torch widget far fast access.
Please test your phone's capabilities with the torch button. If the flash fires, you are all set!


  • Simple and easy to use interface.
  • Includes Torch and Torch widget for easy access.
  • Viewable torch button in the dark.
  • Repeat Flash notification if you have missed call or unread sms. (stops after 1 hour)
  • Customize flash rate for each application.
  • Customize time and blink rate of flash for call,SMS and Alarm.
  • Profile Mode to disable Flash for specific time.
  • Screen On Mode so as to save battery.

Incoming Call Flash

  1. When a call arrives, the flash sparks.

SMS Flash

  1. Flash Blinks, when SMS arrived. (Using other SMS app like Handcent/GoSMS, behavior may not work. It can work it by selecting the app in Third party application list)

Third Part Application Flash

  1. Notification for third party Application should be enabled in Settings->General Setting of Flash Blink along with [Accessibility] service in phone settings.
  2. Flash blinks, when there is notification for the selected App.
  3. Long press the Selected App to customize flash rate.

Profile Mode

  1. Disable Flash for specific time.

Missed Call / Unread SMS Flash

  1. Flash is repeated at specific intervals [ max 1 hour]

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Very handy app! I use it often to unlock my front door at night , great for camping.. Very convienant!! ..and the LED notifications are a nice reminder!